Friday, July 4, 2008

No need for deet

The quilting bug has bitten again. At long last.

I won a machine quilting gift certificate at my quilt guild meeting last month. It has spurred me to finish one of my UFOs*, an Amish-style dollar-a-month block-of-the-month**. (Ah! I broke out in hyphens!) The original quilt shop from which I acquired the kits has changed ownership and locations, but three of the twelve blocks were still unpieced in my UFO stash. Two of the twelve now, as of yesterday afternoon.

Here is a sneak peek of the layout:

Not much to look at without the blocks. But I just wanted to shout out my joy. My knitting therapy must be working; I'm back to quilting now.

ETA a glossary for the quilting uninitiated/nongeek:

*UFO--(n.) an acronym for UnFinished Object, a craft project abandoned at some point in its creation due to boredom, frustration, family emergency, or unmedicated attention deficit disorder.

**block-of-the-month--(n.) a system of quilt creation during which one quilt block is constructed per month. The block pattern and fabric are normally sold together (by quilt shops, mail-order catalogs, quilting internet commerce sites) in monthly kits, and usually by subscription. The price of dollar-a-month has been adopted by some quilt shops as an incentive to bring customers into their stores. In the case of the abovementioned BOM (an acronym), a quilt block would be finished by the customer, brought into the shop as proof of completion, and the next kit would be sold for only a dollar (or some ridiculously cheap's been so long ago now).


  1. what do all the hyphenated words mean? i want to be quilt savvy...i just have no idea.

    UFO? ooo. sounds a little scary. no wonder you put down the quilting!

  2. Found you through quilting bloggers. Fun blog. I'm not much of a knitter, actually not at all, but I received some yarn from a blog friend and found some knitting needles at an estate sale. Any advice for a true beginner?

  3. I can hardly wait for the blocks to fill in!

  4. thanks for the definitions! I'm quilt illiterate.
    The design looks really cool!

  5. UFO! I love it! Have lots of those...a few sewing objects, art projects, and last year thought I was going to get into making hemp bracelets during a road trip only to finish 2 of them. They were going to be Christmas presents. I had plans of making dozens.



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