Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mystery Flora Theatre 3000

Since I have been clued in so faithfully here to the names of growing things, I have two more mystery plants to present.

#1. A house plant.
Mystery House Plant
This specimen grew out of a pot with a variety of plants in it. For some reason, the stem was crushed or just quit drinking, and the leaves began to shrivel. I removed the new growth and cut off the crushed part of the stem. It's been in a glass of water for a few days now and looks like this. But I'd like to promote root growth so I can re-pot the plant. If I knew the kind of plant this is, I could do some care and feeding research.

#2. A volunteer tree.
Through Freecycle, we were allowed to dig up chunks of Periwinkle one summer. I planted them in a big, wooden pot so, as they grew, they'd cascade over the side. Well, they died. In their place sprouted this tree. It's two or three years old, getting bigger while I was too preoccupied to pay it much mind. It's almost four feet tall now.

I'm guessing...elm?


  1. The first one is what my grandmother called a prayer plant, because it'll fold its leaves at night.

  2. The houseplant is commonly known as "prayer plant" as Karen said. From what I can see of the tree, it certainly looks like an elm. Dutch elm disease almost wiped out the species of tree completely, except for the one in my front yard! lol And I really wanted it gone.

    Lesley Ann

  3. I wasn't going to speculate on the tree... elm, hackberry, they all look alike to me at that age.

    But you can generally take a sprig of it (and/or a picture, since bark helps) to your friendly neighborhood Extension Office and they'll take a shot at identifying it.



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