Saturday, November 15, 2008

With an enemy like this

First, thank you to those who told me my little mystery plant is a Prayer Plant. I now have a better idea how to get it started in its own pot.


Onto recent news...

The box from my Ravelry/New Moon swap partner came yesterday.

New Moon Swap package

This is the first knitting swap both my partner and I have participated in. All the participants in the swap are divided into three teams: Pack, Volturi, Coven, which no doubt will mean nothing for those of you who haven't read the books in the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer.

Without explaining ad naseum, I am a member of the Pack (of snickering in the peanut gallery for those of you who know me personally). My swap partner is one of the Volturi...a ruling class of bad, people-hunting vampires. In the books, these two groups are enemies.

In reality, my swap partner had already kindly volunteered to test knit my blanket pattern when we were assigned to each other. So, this is the kind of enemy I like. I especially like an enemy who plies me with Heath bars. And beautiful, cobalt blue stitch markers such as these:

New Moon Swap stitch markers

I plan to box up my swap goodies for my partner this week. After she receives them, I'll post a picture of the kit here. (Yay! Something to look forward to.) ;)

And who is in the Coven, you may wonder? Good vamps. They live as families and don't hunt people. They go for big game like bears. Cranky bears are the best.


Another nemesis of mine is now one of my favorites.

Here is THOMY holding it.

Almost Amish Puzzle

Almost Amish Puzzle

Just a recap about this project, since I haven't mentioned it in awhile. This was a block of the month quilt back in 2002 through a local quilt shop that has since changed ownership once and location twice. As of this summer, three or four of the blocks were still not pieced. But when I won a machine quilting gift certificate through my quilt guild, I was inspired to finish this little beauty with a layout I slapped together all by myself. After it came back from the quilter, I didn't finish the binding until this Tuesday, which was guild meeting day. It has now been shown to my fellow quilters, and it has now been shown to you. I can strike this one off the TODO list and give it to my cat, which is her right as Royal Recliner onto All Things New and Soft.

Rosie on AAP


  1. Awesome quilt! Absolutely lovely. Does someone actually do just quilting without making the quilt? I'd like to make a quilt but the "quilting" part is what I couldn't do very well.

  2. Oh, yes. Where I'm at, at least, you could probably trip over a long arm machine quilter every couple of miles. (An exaggeration, perhaps, but there are a LOT of them.) If you have a local quilt shop, or even a chain store fabric shop, chances are that a machine quilter has left his or her cards there...if there is such a quilter with a shingle out.

  3. The wool looks delicious!

    Happy blogoversary!



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