Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An addition to our household

Harold Archibald Dipstick the First

From the humane society, he came with the name Dipstick.

I called him Archie for a while, but THOMY kept calling him Harry.

So Harold Archibald Dipstick the First, it is. He's three months old and loves to be cuddled. He's probably the first kitten I've had who isn't too busy to stop and be held.


  1. No, it's black. So, naturally, that's why someone named him Dipstick. To which my uncle replied, "Well, that name's better than the alternative."

    If you've a purer mind, you won't get that. I, unfortunately, knew what he meant right away.

  2. He's adorabale! May he make your household a joy!

    A West Virginia reader,
    Lesley Ann



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