Sunday, May 17, 2009

He's doing something

A friend of mine is collecting baby hats to send to a ten-year-old boy who received a grant from His name is Andrew, and he is organizing a project to provide hats to newborns and preemies at Charlotte Medical Center in North Carolina. Heaven knows I have plenty of yarn to fill my friend's request for a hat. And during a road trip Friday, I produced two such items.

Preemie Hats for Lynn

The left is a Tubey hat. I reworked the design to fit a tiny, preemie head. At least I hope it'll fit. I don't know much about babies' heads, but a knitter I know who makes lots of preemie hats told me once that if it fits an orange, it'll fit a preemie. I think the Tubey will fit a grapefruit. Or a two-cup Rubbermaid bowl, which is what's holding it up in the picture.

The other hat is a two-by-two rib. Both hats were knit to about seven inches in length and closed by the three-needle bind off method. The spiral tassels on the Tubey were added later.

If you're on Ravelry and want in on the project, go here.

Oh, and the road trip Friday? I went to The Yarn Barn in Lawrence, KS, something of a yarn store mecca, apparently. One of my companions went to test their spinning wheels and came home with one. I can tell you right now that I can't afford to be a hard-core spinner. I bought a drop spindle last fall, and that alone made THOMY's eyebrows struggle to stay even. [Love you, dear!] To be fair, the price of the spindle wasn't objectionable, just, "What? Another hobby and all it's paraphernalia?!"

What I did come home with however...


Lace weight cashmere. 2100 yards per cone, .003 cents per yard. I bought two cones. To heck for a moment with my solitary New Year's Resolution. It's cashmere. It did my cheapskate heart good.

Charity and penny-pinching extravagance in one blog post. That there's what you call ironic.

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