Thursday, November 19, 2009

I forgot my blogaversary

Thank you to Teena who wished me a happy blogaversary in the comments of my last post. She noticed this red letter day when I did not. Three years today! Thank you, Teena.

I've been sick y'all--some virus that lays on the crud with a spatula. My doctor's office ran out of flu tests by the time I came calling, so I won't know the name of the bug that is still doubling me over with night time coughing.

And it seems that both the virus and the medicines for it have trained me to stay up nights and sleep during the day, mostly. I've become pretty proficient at Klondike 1 Solitaire...not much of an accomplishment, really; it's the easiest form of the game.

Speaking of easy-peasy, I also finished these.

Autumnal Jaywalkers

Autumnal Jaywalker Socks
Yarn: Berrocco Sox

I had not intended to make a pair of Jaywalker socks, ever, since everyone and their invisible friend on Ravelry have made them. (Over 6800 projects racked up so far.) BUT I also didn't know what other pattern would have featured the self-striping yarn better. This was one of those patterns that is so easy to memorize, it's mind-numbing. Which is a good thing when one's head is already numb from codeine-flavored cough syrup.

I'm onto my next project, another pair of socks. They're called Flannery. It's a cabled sock pattern, and I love cables!

By the way, I'll update everyone about the Ribs 'n Bids fundraiser in a few days. In short, the event was a success. Details to come later.


  1. I should add that the worst of the crud is over and ALL I have to deal with now is the night time coughing and insomnia. I'm not in pain at all now.



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