Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I love knitting cables, as I might have mentioned before. So when my local yarn shop owner sent out the call for someone to knit the sample for December's sock of the month, I twittered back "Oo, oo, pick me!" Something like that, anyhow. I definitely used exclamation points.

And so my first Flannery sock came into being.

Thank you, Shelly for letting me knit it and for letting me have a photo you took of it.

pattern by spillyjane
Yarn Used: Cascade Heritage

I knit it with a size US 1/2.25mm set of 40" circular needles, Magic Loop style. I usually knit both socks in tandem (knitting the cuff for one, then for the other sock; knitting the leg of the first sock then the second; etc.), but I knit only one sock from cuff to toe, risking Second Sock Syndrome, since she needs only one sock for December. And I need two of them in order to wear them, so why bother right now. Yay. Legitimate procrastination.

Between now and starting the next sock, then, I'm finishing this year's final blanket. It is the last thank-you blanket I'm making for those who helped with sorting through Dad's belongings a couple years ago. Well, maybe the last one. I've just thought of one more recipient. But this blanket is the last one for this year, definitely.

And now, as promised, the report for the Ribs N Bids fundraiser is ready. Pam, the chairperson for the event, summed it up nicely at the event's blog. I've never been part of something that raised over a thousand dollars before. For a first-time event, I think its final tally meant great success. And I especially want to thank my friend Pat who placed the highest bid for the Spring Things shawl I made. I'm so glad to know its new owner.

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