Sunday, January 24, 2010

Project 365, Week 3

January 17

100117 Vintage Linen

I inherited handmade, vintage linens from my mother and grandma. This is a detail from a table scarf.

January 18


Mead's Corner is a great local coffee house. Cinnamon adds a zip to their hot chocolate, like static electricity, before the chocolate takes over and does its job. The picture is one of the lampshades there.

January 19

100119 Sunflowers & Self Portrait

Sunflowers and Self Portrait. I'm the one behind the camera. By the way, this is my quilt content for the week ( recent memory); the wall quilt was foundation paper pieced as well as hand-pieced and hand-quilted for a guild challenge. Almost ten years ago, when I had artsy-schmartsy quilty ambition.

January 20

100120 Defrosted

The leaves in the birdbath finally thawed out.

January 21


January 22


January 23


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