Sunday, January 31, 2010

Project 365, Week 4

January 24

100124 Leftover Chili

Leftover Chili

January 25

100125 Northern Light

Northern Light

January 26

100126 Minced Words

Minced Words

January 27

100127 Sunset at New Market Square

Sunset at New Market Square

January 28

100128 Diner Tea

Diner Tea

January 29

100129  snow + knot hole = snot hole

snow + knot hole = snot hole
(Sorry. The runny-nose-inspired title doesn't quite match the photo's subject, just my attitude at the time.)

January 30

100130 Scarves in the Snow

Scarves in the Snow
(Since I began knitting, especially knitting lace, I've seen lace patterns in odd places. Such as my driveway.)

January 31

100131 The Firkin Bull

The Firkin Bull
(Mirror mirror on the wall... The Firkin and Bull is a local pub-like establishment.)

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