Sunday, March 7, 2010

Project 365, Week 9

Never since 1888, when weather records began in south central Kansas, have we gone longer than ninety days without hitting 60-degrees F. We went 94 days this winter. It was cold--at freezing and below--for a long time this go around. Thursday broke the cold spell. Now that I can hear mourning doves in the back yard, now that I saw a little brown moth driving drunk above the dead grass, now that it's time to clear off the seed starter table in the basement, I should be more than ready for spring.

I'm not.

Cold weather has infested my brain, numbed it for too long, and it is telling me I've been pulled through a knot hole into this burgeoning season. That isn't a complaint against spring. I love spring; it's my second favorite season after fall. My hopes for it have just hibernated longer than usual this year, and now I'm groggy. I get clumsy and surprised easily when I'm groggy.

Now you know.

March 1

100301 Tea with Lemon

Tea with Lemon

March 2

100302 GAAA 1 Levy

Great American Aran Afghan (GAAA), block 1
I'm knitting 12 cable-intensive blocks from the The Great American Aran Afghan book this year. I hope. This block, designed by Judy Levy, was supposed to be January's block, and finished it early last week. I haven't begun February or March's yet.

March 3


March 4

100304 Lace


March 5

100305 Basketweave

I'm trying colorwork in my knitting for the first time. The Lucy Bag is a plain, felted bag, but I'm adding this swath of basketweave to mine. The glory of this scheme is that any mistake I make in the colorwork will be felted into oblivion.

March 6

100306 Special Breakfast

Special Breakfast
Saturday is bacon and eggs day.

March 7

100307 Tree Man

Tree Man

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