Sunday, February 28, 2010

Project 365, Week 8

February 21


February 22

100222 First Birthday

First Birthday
Harry turned one this week.  When we weighed him, he was over eleven pounds; BIG boy.

February 23


February 24

100224 Too cold to get up

To cold to get up
At this angle, the geese look like they're huddled close.  They're actually five or six inches apart on the ice.  This photo was chosen for one of verb [ict]'s daily snaps.

February 25


February 26

100226 Frosty Pods

Frosty Pods

February 27

100227 Rising Moon

Rising Moon
Backlit by the moon, the trees were also lit from the front by the camera's flash.  It was unintentional, but I like the effect.

February 28

100228 10 St Blanket 1

Ten Stitch Blanket, pattern by Frankie Brown, is soooo easy. I held two chunky yarns together, knitting them with huge US 15 needles. It is for my husband's stepdad who said he wanted a heavy blanket.

I started and finished this during the 2010 Winter Olympics as part of the Ravelympics fun at

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