Sunday, February 21, 2010

Project 365, Week 7

February 15

100215 House Frog

House Frog
This three-legged, black-dotted, blue frog showed up as trash in our yard several years ago. Up until three years ago it lived on an outside window sill next to the driveway because I just didn't want to throw it away. Unclaimed, it now resides in a glass dish in the house. The books are classics I inherited from my mother. Her dog Boots tore into a few of them.

February 16

100216 What Now 

What Now
Because I'm equal opportunity, here's a photo of the other cat, Rosie, to balance out the photo of Harry last week. This was almost the last one of several I took. She was a bit exasperated with her live-in paparazza.

February 17

100217 Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

February 18

100218 Shawl Pin 

Shawl Pin

February 19

100219 To Go 

To Go
This week we have a lamp from Il Vicino restaurant.

February 20

 100220 Giant Slalom-ghan Progress

Giant Slalom-ghan Progress
This is a blanket I'm knitting for my husband's stepdad.  I'm using the Olympics' Closing Ceremonies as my deadline, and my inspiration for doing so has been the Winter Ravelympics.  The pattern is the very simple Ten Stitch Blanket by Frankie Brown.

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