Sunday, February 14, 2010

Project 365, Week 6

I have unraveled the red sweater I mentioned last week. Not only was the sleeve still too big when I re-knit it, but the body could have accommodated three rings and a few high fliers. The gauge swatch LIED to me. Most unforgivable.

So, I took this opportunity to enter the sweater's grand frogging* into the Aerial Unwind event in's Winter 2010 Ravelympics. As my reward for finishing, the Ravelry Olympic Committee bestowed me with this badge:

Which now makes me a

*"Frogging" is another term for unraveling in knitting or taking apart a seam in sewing.  You rip it, rip it, rippit, rippit, ribbit...

And now back to our weekly photos...

February 8

100208 Fudgy Brownie

Fudgy Brownie
A Simple & Delicious magazine recipe. The light layer is a peanut butter pudding frosting.

February 9

100209 Snow Peels

Snow Peels

February 10

100210 Rockwell Library Courtyard

Rockwell Library Courtyard
Chosen for Verb [ICT]'s daily snap.

February 11

100211 Cafe Flower

Cafe Flower
Another cafe lampshade shot. This time, Panera.

February 12

100212 Reflection in a Denny's

Reflection in a Denny's
More eatery lamps.

February 13

100213 Trading My Pain

A song sung during my church's "Fat Saturday" service. The balloons are table decor for the Cajun meal we shared. This is easy irony, I know, but a girl's gotta get her daily 365 photo from somewhere.

February 14

100214 Gratuitous Cuteness

Gratuitous Cuteness
A little something precious for Valentine's Day. I hope yours was a lovely one.

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