Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A do-over

I interrupt your anticipation for more pictures of my bargain linens motherlode to present a sweater that had been languishing in my cardigan drawer.

Three years ago, I reported the completion of this kimono sweater:

Reading Kimono

What I didn't release was the photo of its disappointing sleeves.

Reading Kimono--first sleeve

Bat wings. Bingo wings. Whatever you call them, I called them unwearable and proved it by not slipping an arm through either one of them from then until now because, now, they look like this:

Vestments Kimono smlr slvs 2

I frogged (unraveled) the sleeves and picked up half the stitches I did before to reknit them.

Now I won't scoop up small mammals when I walk by.

Such as this one in the larger picture…

Vestments Kimono smlr slvs

I know, the sweater looks HUGE. And it is, but not awkwardly so. Some of the width contributes to the drop-sleeve look. The thing I shake my head at now is the collar. So FESTIVE, huh? This is my first sweater, the one I started first, anyhow. I started and finished a second sweater before this one, but both sweaters were predominantly black.  I happened to be in mourning at the time, and colors were a challenge for me for a long time.  Knitting itself was more of a therapy than creative outlet, so I won't take responsibility for color selection; there's just no accounting for it.

In the privacy of my own home, however, I will wear my bright vestment sweater.  At least it's not as ungainly as a Snuggie.

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  1. i definitely like the look of the new sleeves better. who doesn't love a boxy sweater?

    ps)i saw a grown up girl wearing a snuggie to breakfast on the cruise. i threw up in my mouth.



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