Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hanky Haul (Part 2 of What a Bargain!)

At this very moment I'm watching a singer on tv who barely moves her mouth. Ironically, that's what I'm about to do in this post. Writing-wise.

I took lots of photos of hankies. Photos of hankies--at least my photos of them--are not impressive visually. And what did I do to them in post-production? Turned them into Polaroids. Even better.

But that meant I got to write each photo's caption in the large white margin of the "Polaroid" frame, just like when I was a kid. So, without further blabbing, here is the hanky haul in its entirety and a few of the hankies I especially like.  (By the way, the What a Bargain part of this hanky pile is that the hankies were a dime each.  I know!)

Hanky Haul roid

Reverse Applique Hanky roid

Appliqued Hankies roid

Embroidered Hankies roid

Crochet Cutwork Hankies roid

Tablecloth Hanky roid

18th Birthday Hanky

Graphic Floral Hanky roid

Kansas Hanky roid

And as a bonus…

Rick Rack roid

By the way, the free software that converts photos to Polaroid-esque throwbacks is Poladroid.

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  1. I love finding linens- mostly tablecloths and napkins. Your buys were fantastic at a dime apiece! That red one w/the cool graphic IS pretty snazzy. What's your plan for them? Visiting from Linda's party.
    :-) Sue



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