Wednesday, August 4, 2010

When I have too much table cloth

and not enough table…

(one end of table)

(the other end)

I get tied in knots.

Not bad for the $3 wad of linen jacquard my friend threw in when I bought so many hankies off her. I snapped it up without scrutiny. I'm so trusting.

Notice I didn't do a whole lot of tablescaping. (Yeah. None.) Around here, the beauty of this table is its barrenness. It is clean. No clutter. I even swept under the table.

So, anyway, I tied the excess fabric of one end around itself, then did the same on the other end. I tugged and fussed with each knot to make it into a round knob. Now the table top is a blank canvas. If it wasn't in the same house as our pair of curious and meddlesome cats, I could tuck flowers in the knots and go crazy with the china and glassware.

As it is, this simple white plane is as extravagant as a golf course in Tokyo.  We could actually eat at the table now, if we wanted to.

The lacework's detail:

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  1. That was a great reminds me of something they would do at a wedding or fancy is pretty. Thanks for joining in on the party. Did you see I have a new 60.00 CSN need to go check it out...very cool site and 60 bucks can get you alot!

  2. Love the look. It goes from formal, to a better version of formal(really is a compliment:)) I have some curtains to try this on, thanks for inspiring it!

  3. By the way, had to become a follower just cause your line about grandma(made me laugh)!



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