Sunday, January 30, 2011


My Smart Car

This is the form my middle age crisis has taken. It's literally not much to look at and completely adorable. The cutest thing about it is its gas mileage. It's supposed to average around 40 mpg, which is about twice as much as my pickup was getting.

We bought the car Friday after finally deciding that we'd had the pickup long enough. (The starter in my pickup died on my birthday earlier last week.) So we traded in the truck (a two-seater with an open trunk I wasn't really using anymore) for a more up-to-date two-seater with an enclosed storage compartment I don't mind stowing stuff in. The thing is, my dad found the pickup for us over ten years ago, so letting it go generated some emotion and a few tears on my part.

Still, I think my dad would have approved of our choice. It's going to be a great little errand vehicle. I call it my shopping cart.

Or, I could do tricks in it.

Jay Leno's review of the Smart Car:

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  1. Mmmwahaha. I see that video of tricks and I think you better make sure Jason Rogers doesn't go outside during church and get ahold of it.

    Congrats on the new car! (said in my best price-is-right-announcer-voice)



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