Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Snow Day Knitting

For the second Tuesday in a row, I'm on a Snow Day. Last week, the umpteen-state Snowpocalypse of 2011 gave me two days at home because I was, by no means, taking out my wee Smart Car to get shucked around like a pinball on the snowy streets. During my stint at home, I read NuttyIrishman Knits's blog post about her Swallowtail Shawl. She used a bulky yarn (Cascade's Eco Wool) for a shawl pattern that calls for lace weight.

That inspired me to use up my Eco yarn with which I made a blanket last year.  Since I had a little over 200 yards left, I chose the shawlette pattern 198 Yds. of Heaven.

115 Yards Shawl 2

It was so quick! It's meant to use up yarn too luxurious (read: to expensive) to have acquired more than one skein. Eco isn't luxury yarn, but the wool comes in fantastic, heathered colors. Like Rainier Heather.

115 Yards Shawl 3

As it turns out, the pattern used up only 115 yards of my yarn, so I could have kept going to make a larger shawl. I wish I had since my shawlette is barely large enough to be a kerchief. Still, it's a warm kerchief. And pretty.

115 Yards Shawl 4

And it's earned approval from the other girl in the house.

115 Yards Shawl 1

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