Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sherbet Floats

Sherbet Floats 3

A couple months ago I had a brief respite in the hospital. Nothing to worry about, just some planned surgery. As a gesture of kindness, a knitting friend brought over two tubs of sherbet and a bottle of ginger ale for post-op sherbet floats.

Sherbet Floats 2

I already had the appropriate soda fountain glassware.  I'm a strong believer in consuming comfort food in the appropriate vessel.

Sherbet Floats 1

As it happened, one of my pre-op orders had me drink something nasty, flavored lemon-lime in a futile attempt to mask its gag factor. The flavoring made it worse, in my opinion. And, so, I couldn't stomach the lime sherbet afterwards. Even now my face crinkles at the idea of Sprite or 7-Up or the like.  It would have been a real sad state of affairs during my recovery if my friend hadn't also brought the raspberry sherbet. I hoarded that tub and Would Not Share.  Thankfully, THOMY understood.

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