Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Too bad I'm not superstitious

I just finished knitting a steering wheel cover for my Smart Car. Yes, I wrote knit.

Steering Wheel Cover

And here's what I wrote on the steering wheel cover's project page in Ravelry:

After 30+ days of 100+ degree heat, I got sick of burning my hands on the steering wheel after work. I know, I’m a leetle slow sometimes. I couldn’t find a steering wheel cover for my tiny Smart Car, so I decided I’d make one. This one.
I predicted that upon finishing the cover, the Dome of Heat over the Midwest would lift, thereby rendering my efforts useless. I was wrong. The day I bought the yarn, a sudden storm whooshed through town, blowing trees, trash, and temperatures down. I delayed beginning the project, and temperatures popped back up for a few more days.
This morning, while I whip stitched the cover onto the car, we had steady rain for hours. It’s still thundering outside. I am afraid of my own powers.

Or, I just ran out of patience about the same time the heat wave did.  But the Jen Almighty take is better.

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