Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekly Menu Board and Grocery Shopping

I discovered Pinterest awhile back, when it wasn't so cool yet.  As a virtual corkboard for all the ideas you can find online and want to remember later, the site is  getting cooler all the time.  One of the great ideas I pinned there came from the Little Birdie Secrets blog by way of  

A dry erase menu board.

Little Birdie Secrets' tutorial is for a 12" x 12" board and uses a vinyl cutting machine to make the letters for the days of the week.  The letters are adhered to the glass, and the paper behind the glass can be changed as desired.  

Alas, while I'm hip and up-to-date for having joined Pinterest, I haven't taken the waters from the vinyl cutting machine project flood.  I don't have a vinyl cutter.

I do, however, have a printer.  And I found document frames (frames made especially for an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper) for half off at my local Michael's store.  I also had a couple sheets of scrapbooking paper that I cut to fit into my printer.  After a bit of desktop publishing magic in a word processing program (like Word or OpenOffice), I had my own wipe off menu board.

Menu Board

I also threw together a board for things we need to add to the weekly shopping list.

Shopping List Board

By the way, the font I used for the boards is Hill House.  I like its Arts & Crafts/Mission vibe.  We hung both boards on the side of our upper cabinets.

Both Boards

Thanks for the idea, Little Birdie!

I've linked this post up to The DIY Showoff blog.

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