Sunday, February 12, 2012

Love Your Mug

In the spirit of yet another gift-giving holiday (this time, St. Valentine's Day), I would like to share a couple things I was given for my most-recent birthday and as a belated Christmas present. They are both mugs. Clever mugs.

First, the hand warmer mug.
 IMG_0165a sm

A friend of mine picked this out for my birthday. It's sold locally. That round protrusion? It's the outside of the pocket handle. Here's a peek at the other side.

IMG_0164a sm

And the full-on view.

IMG_0163a sm

Your fingers slip inside the pocket while your palm wraps around the rest of the mug. Excellent for keeping at least one hand warm with a hot beverage on a cold day. This mug was made for a righty like myself, but on the other hand (literally), I've discovered that if I slide the fingers of my left hand into the pocket so that my thumb pinches the outside of the pocket, the mug is quite ambidextrous. Lefties don't necessarily have to adapt, I'm told, because the pottery company makes a proper version for them, too.

Next, how's about finding these guys gaping at you in the cupboard each morning?

IMG_0109a sm

They're a little bit of Easter Island in my very own home. Except they hold food offerings in their mouths.

IMG_0114a sm

(That's a Hazelnut Crescent Roll waiting to be gobbled up. The top of the mug holds the milk.) And lest you think the mouth down under can't contain the entire sweet treat, think again.

IMG_0115a sm

THOMY found these at

By the way, those hazelnut crescent rolls are toooooo good for inanimate objects to eat. They're so good, I baked them as my birthday "cake," as did another friend for game night (my impromptu birthday party). Both batches rocked!

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