Sunday, August 4, 2013

Deep Stash, Third Project

After two months, it's done.  The Juno Regina Stole.

Juno Regina Stole

The pattern, at, is by Miriam L. Felton.  The yarn is Alpaca Cloud laceweight by Knit Picks.  I have a nit to pick with that yarn, by the way, but later.

Juno Regina Stole

For now, I know I mentioned I might post an in-progress view of the stole.  Instead, I just kept knitting on it; I was determined to finish it by the end of July.  As recompense, I do have a few shots of the wrap while it was blocking.  I tried a couple of new-to-me techniques of which I wanted to keep a record.

Juno Regina Stole

Since I don't have a Hogwarts Great Hall table in my dining room, and because I knew this thing would block to over seventy inches (finaly tally:  94"), I folded it in half to block it.  In the picture below, you might think you're seeing double, but it's just the lower level of knitting that's a tad offset.

Juno Regina Stole

Also, while I love love LOVE blocking wires, they do not come in half sizes.  I needed short wires to set the points of the stole.  (Letting long wires do the job, all the while sticking out over the edge of the table, is an open invitation for a cat to get his eye poked out from PLAY.  MUST PLAY!  ATTACK the sticky-outy things!!!)

Of course, I could cut one of the wires I already have, but that kind of rashness I save for breaking alpaca laceweight yarn three times when its center-pull ball keeps throwing up knots and snarls and general mayhem at all hours of the day and night.

Not that I'm never going to use this yarn again.  I could.  I've learned its limits now and respect them.  High-maintanence, prima donna, breath-of-god soft stuff that it is.

Anyway.  I used a pair of metal knitting needles to set the stole's points.

Juno Regina Stole

And everything turned out all right.

Juno Regina Stole

The stole is about fourteen inches wide.

Juno Regina Stole

And I'll probably wear it more like this, as a loose scarf, than around my shoulders as a stole.

Juno Regina Stole

I'm working on projects right now that either don't involve stash or are using yarn that hasn't spent much time with its elderly counterparts.  But more Deep Stash work is in the queue!  In the form of socks, probably, because this wet, mild summer will eventually dip into even cooler temperatures.

Sunday Storm Tomatoes

Soggy tomatoes, anyone?

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  1. That is the prettiest thing you've made yet. Holy cow. Amazing!



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