Sunday, October 27, 2013

Deep Stash, Fourth Project

I knit a sweater in two weeks.

 A sweater. For me. Even modified to resize it a bit more generously, the pattern was easy-peasy.

  Buckland preblock

 Buckland is knit in two pieces, each one beginning at the sleeve and working toward the center where the live stitches are NOT seamed NOR grafted but joined to the other half with a three-needle bind off. Because the wrong sides of the knitting are facing each other during the bind off, a pretty ridge is created down and front as well as the back, below.

  Buckland back

This is a bind off I learned from the very first project I cast on when I began to knit with needles, so the whole process was smooth...much smoother than the Donegal Tweed Chunky yarn I used. That wool is kinda rough, but not so much it should've been a rug rather than my sweater.

 The only tricky part of the sweater was casting on for the side "seam" once the sleeve was done. I tried to shoot a little video of how I finally did it, but I'm no cinematographer with the equipment I have at my disposal (an iPod Touch with no tripod). If at some point I can figure out how to record it, I'll add the video here. Suffice it to say in still pictures, the "seam" starts out like this:

  Buckland side seam start

 Then the front and back grow simultaneously as the rows are knit and purled up and over the shoulder, back and forth, until the work is ready to be divided for the neck.

  Buckland neck

 The side seam is subtle, when the sweater is all done.

  Buckland side detail

 Buckland chewed up over a thousand yards of yarn and cleared out a drawer and a half in one of my plastic storage chests. I have some of the Donegal Tweed left over, but I'll find another pattern for it eventually. Maybe even for another Deep Stash 9 project.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL....."Buckland"...I'm a bit hippy so I would like it to flare out more....but, will have to see how I can do that!!! I love your color choice...very pretty!!!!! DEB



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