Sunday, November 11, 2007

What I'll do for swag

Slot machines bore me and poker takes too much effort, but a blog contest lures me to gambling every time. At least this time.

KitKatKnit wants to know what we were knitting a year ago. But she wants to know only from folks who were prone to tangling their fingers in wall-to-wall shag while sitting five inches from a bulbous screen that was playing Rocky and Bullwinkle. (Okay, maybe I'm putting in too many restrictions. You only had to have watched Rocky and the gang before it became a classic. I threw in the shag carpeting and the tv that had to warm up first--no remote!--to set the scene.)

And you have to post your year-old knitting project to your blog. Ergo, this here blathering.

And you have to do it before midnight tonight. So, okay...

I was loom knitting my super-red sampler scarf. It was my hospital project while visiting Dad. It's now done, but I guess I never took a picture of it. The lighting around here wheezes.

I've heard that loom knitting isn't "real" knitting. But the yarn sure doesn't know any different.

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