Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Destined to become a Christmas Classic"

This was my husband's claim when he handed me the notebook in which he'd written his version of an old Christmas carol.  We'd heard the good and proper version during a concert the night before, an evening attended by an occasionally cranky baby a few seats over and other fidgety children throughout the concert hall.  Many said children were swinging glow-in-the-dark stars meant to be worn as necklaces.  

Obviously, someone with budget money to spare thought these do-hickeys were a great idea to bestow upon the good folk of my community.  And the sight was kinda charming as we looked down on the blue lights from the nosebleed section.  However, when a couple of manic stars are two rows directly in front of you...Well, remember how Fireball looked after his buddy Rudolph's fake nose fell off?

Right, so, punchy with vertigo, THOMY leaned over and sang the first two lines to me.  I, in a similar state of mind, got a case of the giggles.  It's not really that funny, I know, but I want to share his lyrics with you anyway.  If you stay to the end, you'll get a treat.

To the tune "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"

Have yourself another piece of fruitcake;
Let your pants be tight.
From now on the calories will be out of sight.

And have yourself another bowl of Chex Mix;
It'll be OK.
New Year's resolutions are still days away.

Here we are with elastic waists
Filling up our plates once more,
Punch with gin to bring cheer to us.
Don't be querulous--just pour.

Put your prudence off until tomorrow;
Be indulgent now.
I just might have eaten an entire cow.
So have yourself another piece of fruitcake now.

Or, as promised, cheesecake.

Apple Crisp Cheesecake slice

Coming up, the overview of its creation and its recipe source.

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